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Terms of service


1.1.  These Conditions of Sale (the Conditions) apply to all contracts for the sale of goods and/or the supply of services entered into by Élancé, registered in Egypt (the Company). The Conditions apply in preference to and supersede any terms referred to, offered or relied on by either party whether in negotiations or at any stage in the dealings between the Company and the Client with reference to the Goods and/or the Services.  Nor will the Company be bound by any standard terms furnished by the Client in any of its documents.

1.2.  The terms defined in the Purchase order shall apply to these Conditions, which are subject to any Special Terms stated in the Purchase order.

1.3.  This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties relating to its subject matter, and supersedes any previous agreement between the parties relating to that matter.  Each party acknowledges that it has not entered into the contract on the basis of, and does not rely on, any representation, warranty or other provision that is not expressly included in the contract.  The contract may only be varied in writing. No delay or omission of either party in exercising any right or remedy in whole or in part shall be construed as a waiver of it, or operate so as to limit or preclude any further or other exercise of it. 

1.4.  The contract is subject to Egyptian Law.

1.5.  The client has the right to get back to the company with any comments or notes on the delivered items within 24 hours from the delivery date. Accordingly, the company will take the right actions


2.1.  All descriptions of the Goods are given by way of identification only and the use of any such description shall not constitute a sale by description.  The Company maintains a policy of continuous product improvement, and reserves the right to alter specifications without notice at any time before delivery.

2.2.  The client must be aware that in the occasion the reference photo used in the product specification sheet ( PSS) is that of a render or 3D design of the Goods, there could be a chance of 5% - 10% difference from the original render listed in the PSS to the delivered product due to natural variations in the production process.


Following receipt of the Client’s customization in relation to their purchase order, we shall prepare a product specification sheet, and shall proceed with the supply of the goods as ordered. By signing and accepting this Product Specifications Sheet, the client acknowledges having read and accepted all the terms and conditions listed on our website


4.1.  The will deliver the goods to the Delivery Address during normal working hours by any method of transport at the Company’s option and shall, if included in the Services, install them or arrange for their installation there.  The Client shall pay any applicable delivery charge incurred by the Company, which shall be added to the Price.  The company may make part deliveries.

4.2.  If a Delivery Date is specified the company will aim to dispatch the goods by then, but does not guarantee to do so.  Time of delivery shall not be of the essence of the contract.

4.3.  In the event the client does not receive the items on the agreed-upon date stipulated in the contract, the client will be responsible for any additional storage or warehouse handling


5.1.  Any price(s) stated in the Purchase  order or otherwise notified by the Company or agreed by the parties are based on costs currently prevailing in respect of the Goods and/or Services stated.  Any increase in prices due to the Client’s requirements shall be paid by the Client.  Any increase in prices due, in the opinion of the Company, to a material increase in costs to the Company may, at the Company’s sole discretion, be passed onto the Client by an increase in the price.


6.1.  Unless otherwise specified in the order form, a deposit of 75% of the estimated total price is payable upon placement of the order and the remaining 25% before shipment. The balance of the actual price is payable 3 days prior of delivery of the goods supplied. The upfront payment is non-refundable due to the custom nature of our products tailored to the client's specific requirements and personal needs.

6.2.  If payment of the Price or any part of it is not made by the delivery date, the Company shall store the products until settling outstanding amount.


7.1.  The Company may cancel this contract with immediate effect by giving the Client notice.

7.2.  If the products have been delivered or production has began, the Client may not be able to return any products which comply with the contract unless the Company agrees to accept the return, if the Client fails to pay any amount due under the contract on the due date for payment, the company has a right to cancel the contract if the amount due wasn't settled within a 2 months period, and the company will no longer be liable to the client in regards to the original purchase order.


8.1.  Items can be exchanged or returned within 14 days if they have manufacturing defects or do not meet the required specifications.

8.2.  Inspection Upon Delivery: The Client must examine and inspect the received order to ensure that all product details are intact and meet the specified requirements.

8.3.  Conditions for Exchange/Refund:
- If there are manufacturing defects.
- If the product is in its original condition and packaging.
- If the purchased products are as specified on our website.

8.4.  Exclusions for Exchange/Refund:
- If the product is modified in terms of design, dimensions, or colors.
- If the product is fully customized according to the client's preferences.
- On discounted products.


Our standard manufacturing time frame is 30 to 45 working days. Élancé Home is entitled to submit up to 21 Days after agreed delivery date. 


The warranty will not apply in case of non-compliance with the product care instructions described on our website. The warranty period is one year.

These Terms And Conditions Are Accepted And Agreed Upon By Both Parties.