I have great research skills, and I am proficient in Excel. I can filter through information to find the needed details, and I can put that information in an easy-to-understand format. I can promise a quality finished product at a reasonable price. I have been working steadily through freelance sites for several months now, and I have a good reputation.
 Admin User o Simple Roles access required(View, Create, Edit, Delete) o Admin password reset by email.  Company o The text field require to type in Company name, Company register number Post code, Address o The select option field require to select state, city, area and status o The date option field for company registered date.  Employee o The text field require to type in Nickname, Last Name...
I am a word-crazed writer who is eager to create extraordinary content for you. I received a bachelor's degree in journalism and am currently pursuing a masters in education. Aside from playing with nouns and adjectives, I have a passion for blogging and editing. As an outlet for my creativity, I created a personal blog on health and beauty. Many of my blog posts that feature relevant products have resulted in profitable sales. My sense of humor will take any piece of writing from boring to witty and my obsession with editing will make it error-free. I look forward to writing content (or editing your already written brilliant ideas).
Phone Communication Jobs Microsoft PowerPoint Jobs Microsoft Excel Jobs Word Processing Jobs Communication Jobs Microsoft Office Jobs Email Communication Jobs Customer Service Jobs Calendar Management Jobs Virtual Assistant Jobs Proofreading Jobs Google Suite Jobs Microsoft Word Jobs Scheduling Jobs Editing Jobs File Management Jobs Task Coordination Jobs Administrative Support Jobs

I represent several full service moving companies around the country, and I am looking for someone to call people whose home just went under contract. We want to drop off 15 free boxes, and schedule a virtual survey by phone to get an estimate. Homeowners with home value $300,000 and above to start. The calling list would be provided, and the schedule would be placed on the salesperson's Google ca…
But my optimistic crazy self didn’t give up. I thought ‘I’ll know better now and learn from my mistakes’. I tried getting a second job. But it took time. I applied to a bunch of jobs only to get my account suspended at the end. Their reasons were: I applied to too many jobs without getting hired. But how am I supposed to get a job without applying being new and all? Isn’t it the same in real life after all? You need to try and knock on a few doors until you get it started.
As an English Teacher, Writing Center advisor, and published author, my work is focused on one thing--writing clearly and concisely with purpose. All writing must communicate its purpose to a specific audience. I can produce writing, edit and proofread other writing, or do all of the above with precision, attention to detail, and an eye for concision and purpose.
I work quickly and efficiently and never proof my work fewer than three times before submitting it. I have worked on a variety of projects which have involved working in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, and several internal databases. In addition to working in Microsoft Office, I have extensive experience working in a customer service role, providing services over the phone and face-to-face.

Upwork is awful. They discriminated against me and I definitely advice any freelancer to stay away from this platform. There is no support for the freelancers only the customers and it’s very very unfair how there is no protection for freelancers. Also no customer service at all just a bot no phone number so your account is suspended if you make even a technical error not because you did anything wrong! I was updating my time zone and they suspended me and won’t allow me to use the platform and say you can’t contact them. Very capitalist. No rights.
3. BEWARE- the rating system is rigged! You as the client have a very difficult time finding your own company rating and what the con artists review about you. The Upwork developers that scam people can manipulate the rating system to read – no review left. Therefore whatever dispute you had and you try to warn others- it goes unpublished and allows the developer to victimize more business owners.

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The hiring scheme on Upwork deviates slightly from other sites and you can hire  or interview a freelancer to discuss the project’s details. Bear it in mind that Upwork will most certainly conceal your e-mail details submitted through private massages, due to its direct contact non-disclosure policy. But a Skype account address will go unrecognized. Freelancers and employers’ performance alike is rated through a 5-star based feedback system. Only completed and paid projects can get feedback.
I’ve even come across quite a few freelancer profiles that were fake. You hire someone for a job, thinking they’re from London or Los Angeles as stated on their profile, only to later discover they’re from a different part of the world and hardly qualified for the job at hand. This can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention a waste of time and money.
Phone Communication Jobs Microsoft PowerPoint Jobs Microsoft Excel Jobs Word Processing Jobs Communication Jobs Microsoft Office Jobs Email Communication Jobs Customer Service Jobs Calendar Management Jobs Virtual Assistant Jobs Proofreading Jobs Google Suite Jobs Microsoft Word Jobs Scheduling Jobs Editing Jobs File Management Jobs Task Coordination Jobs Administrative Support Jobs
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Hi! I'm Tonya Mason I am very passionate writer who has worked with top notch publications all over the Globe with a track record that cuts across different industries. My ability to turn any piece around and make it unique is second to none. Furthermore, all my contents are engaging enough to get the attention of the social media community and also rank well on search engines so you can get a return on your investment
Problem: Utilities companies (ie. hydro, gas, electrical grid systems) have difficulty communicating with customers, building brand awareness, being transparent with the general public and educating them about their local utility grids, and on information that should be widely known. The employer is looking to build a website to market their marketing solution to electric utilities (primary targ...
Upwork is not a trustworthy site as far as really knowing how well of a job a freelancer does. I had a HORRIBLE experience with freelancer and ended the job. Of course I left honest, but negative feedback (like billing for 3 hours work that took 3 minutes). The feedback was never published, so this freelancer still has a 100% feedback rating and near my job post is say ‘feedback was removed’. So far no reply from the upwork management.

In case a freelancer is not comfortable being interviewed (maybe it’s their first interaction with you), then exchange messages through the Upwork Messenger to clarify all details before hiring. Upwork Messenger allows real time communication. Since all conversation is achieved within the system, it creates a sort of paper trail for both parties, which could come in handy in case of dispute resolution.
Hello, We are runing a Magento 1.9 on a dedicated OVH server and for the last month, our customers with existing account can not login to see their account or pass an order. The login page stay stuck after they key in the password. Before that problem, costumers were enable to recover forgoten password. The website didn’t respond at the command, I forget my password. Magento 1.9 PHP 7.0...
Whenever a job is posted on Upwork, Upwork broadcast it to Google jobs and searchable by anyone on the world wide web. Why? They want more people to apply so they can make more connect fees. They realized that they can only make commission once, but the more freelancer apply for a job, the more revenue they collect. They have gone way beyond greedy! Stay away! You are going to be sucked out of money and gets nothing in return!
I thought I was hiring a freelancer from the USA, it turns out he was from an African country.Upwork allows fake profile images, fake country locations and fake work skills to be displayed on their platform.This cost me big on a job that was completed not to the specified request.Upwork does not care when the work is of low quality or does not meet the contract specs, they say they are not responsible for this and I just have to work it out with the freelancer who refuses to refund my money.This will not make any judgments if the customer is not happy with the work, so you are stuck with no satisfactory job completion and no refund.
Upwork is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to inclusion and diversity. We make every effort to offer employment and advancement opportunities to all qualified candidates. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.

Integrity, strong work ethic, extremely reliable and 100 Percent satisfaction guaranteed. United States based and born. 35 plus years experience for all your bookkeeping needs. Reconciliation, A/R, A/P, P/L, G/L and Payroll. 15 of those years I was the sole bookkeeper for 15 retail store locations, all being separate entities, prior to that I was a controller of my family import and export food business. I have been freelancing locally in the city where I reside along with Elance and Odesk.